Be Smart, Maximize Your Staking Potential With Ontology Telegram Admins Node!

DuMonT (Ontology community)
3 min readMar 10, 2021

We want to invite you to stake with our node — “CZ/SK Ontology community node” launched back in January, represented by Ontology telegram administrators, me (DuMonT), Andrei and Hamzat. By staking with us, you directly support our work and community. Disclaimer: This article is community based, written by Ontology telegram administrator DuMonT and do not represent any official Ontology announcement, nor opinion.

To express our long term belief in the future of Ontology, we locked our ONT tokens as a candidate node, offering to stakers fair staking environment for long term. As you can see at, we set rewards distribution ratio to 10%/90% which we consider as sustainable. Therefore, we have decided to not change it, even if we reach fully staked node, so its long term beneficial to stakers as well as us.

But what that ratio means?

Basically, imagine the node ONT tokens split into 2 parts, the node’s initial stake as first part while second part are ONT tokens staked by users. Then, first figure (10%) stands for how much of rewards, which we receive for our own node initial stake, we distribute to stakers. And second figure (90%), stands for how much of rewards, which we receive for staked tokens, we distribute to stakers. This ratio, based on current statistics (10th of March 2021), gives to stakers approx. 39% APY, which is no brainer in comparison with Exodus staking which gives ONLY 7,7%

Yes, there are few nodes with even little higher APY%, but be careful if you decide to stake with them, they use way too generous (unsustainable) ratio, which they will most likely drop to very low amounts once they attract many stakers.

How to stake?

All you need is ONTO mobile wallet, or OWallet application for PC which also supports Ledger. Install one of them which you prefer and create new wallet. Then, transfer your ONT tokens from exchange, exodus, or anywhere you store them to that new wallet + don’t forget you need 0.05 ONG per transfer, so send also enough ONG tokens to cover gas fees. Then, follow step-by-step staking guideline which you find at and during node selection, select node — ►CZ/SK Ontology community node◄

Where to get ONG to cover gas fees?

If you do not know where to get ONG tokens, here at CMC you can find the list of exchanges which offers ONG trading pairs. In case you have your ONT tokens at ONTO already, you can use this guide to feeless swap of 1 ONT to ONG at market rate —

In case you for some reason cannot get ONG, and want to stake with our node, feel free to DM me on telegram with your wallet address and code “DCZND” and I may donate you some to cover the gas fees —

Thank you for your support! If you have any questions, feel free to ask on telegram. I WILL NEVER send you dm first, if someone with my nickname contacts you, its not me, but some imposter/scammer, please block such person immediately and do not provide him anything! Stay SAFU!

Happy staking!

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DuMonT (Ontology community)

I am admin of Ontology telegram groups — English, Trading, CZ/SK and more as well as one of Ontology Harbingers.